The Time is Always Right To Do What is Right”

These are words from one of the World’s Greatest Leader and Civil Right Activist Martin Luther King Jr. While some may argue what has Martin Luther King to do with Blockchain. Well, for naysayers there is only one sentence “You Could Not be More Wrong”. And for those who have believed in the power of Blockchain Technology as the true light in this world economy that has long been dominated by centralized players and middlemen who for mere profits have managed to create a widening gap between people and their right to basic amenities like affordable healthcare.

The journey for Medipedia has not been an easy one and it has sailed against the tides many a time. After a tremendous amount of hard work and perseverance Medipedia has thrived to carve out a name for itself in the teething yet highly promising Blockchain Industry. Medipedia’s selection in the incubator program called “BlocBox” hosted by Incu Block in South Korea. The recognition was an assurance that Medipedia was headed in the right direction.

From the very onset, Medipedia’s vision was to create a credible and tamper-proof blockchain network that connects medical service providers, medical tourists and the third party’s in a peer to peer ecosystem that facilitates world-class yet affordable health services serving one and all on the planet. Because of the efforts of Medipedia and other similar efforts, the world will in a few years time come to realize the true power of Blockchain.

To ensure scalability and speed of operations, Medipedia made a transition from Ethereum blockchain to EOS Blockchain. While Ethereum has its own set of advantages, the EOS brings in the advantages of Ethereum plus availability and transaction speeds.

Now, Medipedia is on the cusp of hosting the Pre-ICO for its very own Token ‘MEP’. MEP Token will be the medium of exchange among the participants on the Medipedia blockchain network. MEP token and blockchain platform are of multiple benefits to Medical Service Providers like Doctors, Consultants etc as well as to Patients. While Doctors can reduce demanding publicity costs as well as create awareness about their respective specialization, patients stand to avail cost effective and global standard health services free of tiring formalities and misinformation.

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Here are the details of the Medipedia Pre-ICO.

Project name: Medipedia

Token symbol: MEP


Pre ICO Date:

Start: 20th August 2018

End: 16 September 2018

HARD CAP: USD $2 Million

SOFT CAP: USD $500,000


Purchase Methods Accepted: ETH / BTC / LTC / EOS

Bonus system: Yes, 20% PRE-SALE BONUS

Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.5 ETH (or Equivalent) / USD $25,000(or Equivalent)

Whitelist: Yes

Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes

Private Sale: Contact CFO (

Total Supply Tokens: 2,600,000,000 Tokens

Total tokens to be distributed: 1,300,000,000 Tokens

Tokens Distribution:

TGE Participants 50%

Management Team 20%

Advisor 5%

Early Investor 5%

Business Development & Bounty Program 12%

R&D 8%

Know more about Medipedia:

White Paper:








Even though the Medipedia Team has been putting in a lot of effort into the work, we could not reach the soft cap under the current circumstances.

We have decided to return the investment from individuals. Instead, we are going to develop our product by ourselves and show it to the public this year.

Please send an e-mail to if you invested in our project with the required information. After checking the information, we are going to proceed the return.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

Best regards,
Medipedia Team