Tokyo (04/07). On July 4th-5th, 2018, Tokyo have hosted the Tokensky Forum BlockChain Conference, one of the largest major celebration conferences dedicated to blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and ICO.

There are many leading blockchain and hotlist startups ready to showcase their disruptive innovations and gain visibility in one of the world's most active markets, including Medipedia.

The TokenSky Forum BlockChain Conference has been held at the Belle Salle of Shiodome Event Hall Tokyo, Japan. The TokenSky 2018 has a lot of excitement, including: workshops & exhibition venues, competent speakers, lots of potential investors, blockchain technology and tokens to watch out for in 2018 (including Medipedia), club parties, dinner and networking events after the celebration that intended as a scouting container of investors.

Kim Taeyong (Co-Founder and CEO Medipedia) with Yun Seob Lucas Kim (Co-Founder and CFO Medipedia) attended the first day of TokenSky 2018 (4th July 2018) as participant representing Medipedia. They are tried to introduce Medipedia to participants who have come as well as to present Medipedia ICO to potential investors who attended TokenSky 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.