These are the FAQs about Medipedia.


- We will resolve the inconvenience caused by the imbalance of medical information in the existing medical tourism and medical services market, so that we can create a new medical tourism and medical service ecosystem. Currently, most of the medical information is managed by medical institutions only, therefore it is not hard for the consumers to get those information. Medipedia will ease the existing imbalance of medical information, get rid of many inconveniences such as expensive price, and encourage external users to take part in the system, using the block chain technology, which is expressed as decentralization. This is a new an ecosystem of medical tourism and information system. MediPedia is planning to provide our customers with on-platform healthcare consulting services, healthcare matching services, social media & blog services, interactive review systems, big data technology services, tourism & travel, interpretation services, health insurance linking services and health services alliances. Also, MEDIPIDIA will develop and provide appropriate services as soon as possible whenever needed.

- Please refer to the white paper of MEDIPIDIA for further information.
- The funding from ICO will be used to develop the platform and partnership. Please refer to the white paper of Medipedia, the part of 4.3 Token Generation Event, for further information.
- The token of Medipedia is as safe as the one of Bitcoin and Ethereum. More security systems such as 2FA will be added after launching.
- For now, about 20 members are working on our project together. They have a lot of experience in medical service, blockchain, and startup.
- Medipedia builds the most transparent and decentralized ecosystem of medical service and medical tourism, using blockchain technology. We also resolve the imbalance of information between the patients and medical institutions, providing with the transparent price of medical service. Please refer to the white paper of Medipedia, 2.2.2. Platform comparative advantage of Medipedia.
- Yes, you can transfer the tokens to your Ethereum wallet which conform to the ERC20 standard.
- Yes, you can withdraw after ICO.
- The progress of ICO will be posted on the first page of our social media account on a regular basis.
- There will be no problem because we are under Hardcap.
- Please refer to the white paper of MEDIPIDIA, 4.1. Medipedia Token.
- Medipedia, as a hybrid token, provides our customers with every service in our platform. Please refer to the white paper of Medipedia, 4.Token model.
- Like other ICOs, the profit made by token selling is considered as the regular profit, which can be used immediately depending on the plan of business. The expiration applies to the tokens which are paid to the employees as well, and they will be paid by the account of the company, according to a specific plan.
Even though the Medipedia Team has been putting in a lot of effort into the work, we could not reach the soft cap under the current circumstances.

We have decided to return the investment from individuals. Instead, we are going to develop our product by ourselves and show it to the public this year.

Please send an e-mail to info@medipedia.io if you invested in our project with the required information. After checking the information, we are going to proceed the return.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

Best regards,
Medipedia Team