These are the FAQs about Medipedia.


- If you are willing to buy tokens of more than 25,000USD on Pre-sale or 250,000USD on the regular sale, please contact us via E-mail(kyunseob@medipedia.io).
- We report them once we find them out on Twitter or Google, but there will be more swindlers coming up as it is going closer to ICO. You can check out the official channel of our team on our website. Please do not trust anyone except for “admin” in our Telegram group.
- The soft cap of Medipedia is 1,000,000USD
- The hard cap of Medipedia is 10,000,000USD.
Token Distribution Rules:

1. Every user who participated in the Medipedia Airdrop events need to remain in Medipedia Telegram Groups and Channels

2. User is also required to remain a follower or subscriber of Medipedia social networking websites such as Twitter, Youtube etc

3. We will check and verify the above two rules just after ICO is over. After the ICO, users who satisfy the above rules can claim MEP Tokens to their personal Ethereum Wallet Address