Medipedia, a medical tourism matching service that connects patients and medical institutions through blockchain technology, will start MEP pre-sales service. Medipedia is a customer-oriented health care system that attracts the attention of relevant businesses and the general public with the aim of creating a transparent healthcare system that will enable patients, healthcare providers and external users to benefit better.

The pre-sales of Medipedia will last four weeks from August 20 to September 16, and 1MEP will be 0.01 USD per MEP and can be purchased starting at 0.5 Etherium. In addition, an additional 20% bonus is provided when purchasing Medipedia during the period. If the Medipedia Pre-Sale hard cap is 200 million USD and the soft-caps are invested more than 25,000 USD in a private sale, they should be applied to contact the Medipedia CFO.

"With Medipedia, the world's first medical tourism matching service, consumers can receive good quality medical services as well as cost savings, and doctors can increase their professionalism and generate profits," said Kim Tae-yong, co-chairman. Kim also said, "Though many cryptographic ICCOs under the name of blockchain are under way, it is difficult to achieve results without new forms or practical aspects.

In fact, Medipedia plans to build a medical tourism matching service platform through the pre-sales service so that most of the medical tourism services can be implemented on the Medipedia platform starting from 2019. While blockchain technology is being applied to various industries in recent years, it is interesting to see how Medipedia, which introduced blockchain technology for the first time in medical tourism, will produce results in the future.

More information about Medipedia presales can be found on the Medipedia website and private sales can be made through CFO.

Even though the Medipedia Team has been putting in a lot of effort into the work, we could not reach the soft cap under the current circumstances.

We have decided to return the investment from individuals. Instead, we are going to develop our product by ourselves and show it to the public this year.

Please send an e-mail to if you invested in our project with the required information. After checking the information, we are going to proceed the return.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

Best regards,
Medipedia Team