As the medical tourism industry is receiving attention as it can generate high value added worldwide, interest in related industries is increasing. Accordingly, continuous investment in the medical tourism industry and medical matching services by the government, hospitals and related businesses is underway in Korea.

According to the current status of medical tourism in Korea, plastic surgery, comprehensive medical examinations, skin and orthopedics are showing strong signs. In particular, cosmetic surgery has the fourth largest market after the U.S., Brazil and Japan based on the total number of medical procedures. Noteworthy is that the number of medical consumers visiting Korea for medical tourism is increasing every year, with about 800,000 expected to visit the country this year.

In line with this global trend, Medipedia, the world's first medical tourism matching service, has recently been introduced to complement existing problems by adding blockchain technology to medical tourism services.

Medipedia, along with co-chairmen Kim Yun-seob and Kim Tae-yong, is an international team consisting of about 20 medical, blockchain, and management specialists and aims to establish a new medical tourism service ecosystem. It is also planning to expand the size of medical tourism services by supplementing weaknesses in the future.

Currently, the medical tourism service is a structure in which consumers depend on the agency to know all the information, which can significantly change the cost and quality of the medical service depending on the choice of the agency. Such an architecture will inevitably lead to a growing number of complaints from consumers if they are satisfied with health care.

"In order for transparent medical tourism services to be provided to consumers, information from existing health providers needs to be made available," said Kim Tae-yong, co-founder of Medipedia. "If consumers use blockchain technology to clarify reviews and consultations with suppliers and keep data in a single platform called Medipedia without tampering, health care consumers will reduce costs and improve service satisfaction."

Meanwhile, Medipedia, which has moved beyond its traditional method and promoted transparent medical tourism services through block chains, will hold a pre-sales sale of its encryption money, MEP, by September 16. With 1MEP 0.01USD, you can participate in the pre-sales service from 0.5Eth. In addition, an additional 20-30% bonus is offered during the pre-sales period.

More information about medical tourism services and pre-sales related, can be found on the Medipedia website.

Even though the Medipedia Team has been putting in a lot of effort into the work, we could not reach the soft cap under the current circumstances.

We have decided to return the investment from individuals. Instead, we are going to develop our product by ourselves and show it to the public this year.

Please send an e-mail to if you invested in our project with the required information. After checking the information, we are going to proceed the return.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

Best regards,
Medipedia Team