Provide healthcare service
innovation of the ecosystem

We build an ecosystem for medical service delivery
that connects the patients to healthcare organizations
through blockchain technology .

Rebuilding the ecosystem of healthcare

The current healthcare system, which is medical institution-centered, does not provide patients with appropriate medical information. Medipedia, as a healthcare system which is customer-oriented, Builds a transparent healthcare system where patients, healthcare providers, and external users can benefit from.

  • Price transparency

    Provide individual healthcare without any commission. Lower the cost through the connection with a lot of doctors.

  • Easy accessibility

    Patients can make a reservation of all the activities related to medical tourism on the platform of Medipedia

  • High reliability

    All the medical institutions and healthcare providers can satisfy the customers better and achieve higher reliability Through the authentication proces



The publishment of Medipedia’s white paper

A white paper detailing how and when Medipedia team can achieve its goals


Medipedia POC release

The first Proof of Concept is Decentralized application for simple input and output of information



Timeline TBA


Crowd funding(Initial Coin Offering)

Crowd funding for additional development. Timeline TBA


Medipedia software development kit(SDK) release

Release SDK for application development and the smart contract to process Medipedia transactions before opening the platform.


Medipedia platform (Alpha. Ver) release

Platform with basic features Alpha Public Medical Services 3 departments (Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Health Checkup Group)
Medipedia Core for Support Data Networks is also released.


Final version of Medipedia platform released

Completed Medipedia platform launching Support all medical services


Other application support

Develop and launch other applications required by internal and external users or required for platform operation
Medipedia’s future plans include the Medipedia platform and separated plans of the applications to be connected

Medipedia platform

Blockchain application

The ecosystem for the next generation based on blockchain Implement the ecosystem for the next generation through blockchain application of Medipedia.

Blockchain application 1

Healthcare matching service – the patient always can find out The best healthcare provider.

Here are the ways to access to a lot of healthcare providers easily through blockchain network.

  1. The patient write down the request quarry of healthcare service on Medipedia platform And it is delivered to every healthcare providers via blockchain network.
  2. Each medical team will answer you about their ability to provide appropriate healthcare service and the price of it.
  3. The patient can compare all the information to one another and then make a decision of which provider he or she will choose.

The patient can save the time and effort to find out which medical institute is the best for him or her.

Blockchain application 2

Medical service consultation system - Patients can find more complete health care providers through consultation with medical institutions.

The medical service consultation system is as follows

  1. During a medical service matching service, patients can ask for consultation from a health care provider to get more information, such as price and physician experience.
  2. Patients can be consulted via chat, phone or video call, which is digitized via a smart contract.

Patients are able to find the medical institutions they want by thorough verification before medical tourism.

Blockchain application 3

The compensation system encourages more people to take part in.

Medipedia platform users are rewarded to participate in the platform.
This also increases Medipedia’s market distribution of tokens.

For example....
Medical staff and medical institutions are compensated according to the patient’s review.
Patients receive compensation through referral to other patients.
Patients also compare the rewards points of their staff when comparing and choosing between medical staff members and providers.

Rewards points are a measure of the quality and satisfaction of health care services, Healthcare providers try to get more reward points to show confidence to other users.

Therefore, existing users are more likely to choose medical personnel and hospitals with high rewards points when using healthcare services, which encourages potential users to use the platform by showing that high-quality medical services are available on this platform.

Partners of Medipedia

Medipedia requires the voluntary participation of medical institutions and healthcare providers. Both Medical providers and patients can have access to Medipedia to create a new market for healthcare services.

Dr. Kim Dong-ho, a specialist in internal medicine of Misogadeuk hospital

The medical tourism industry is a high value-added industry, and it can provide many benefits to medical tourists by providing high-quality medical services at low cost and contribute to the development of the Korean medical market.

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